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Safety and Etiquette at Camelot Showbar

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Washington D.C.’s nightlife, Camelot Showbar is celebrated not only for its top-tier entertainment but also for its unwavering commitment to guest safety and etiquette. This commitment guarantees that every visitor enjoys an enchanting and worry-free night. Camelot’s dedication to a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment distinguishes us as a standout in D.C.’s adult entertainment scene.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Safety is paramount at Camelot Showbar. Our team employs a range of comprehensive security measures to ensure the well-being of every guest. From meticulous ID checks to advanced surveillance, we create a secure setting for unforgettable evenings in Washington D.C.

Camelot showbar club entrance

Comprehensive Security Measures

Our security approach is thorough, blending strong safety measures with Camelot’s welcoming atmosphere. Strict ID verification and surveillance systems are in place, while our security team, skilled in hospitality and emergency response, ensures every visit is safe and enjoyable.

The Heart of Etiquette at Camelot

Respect is the cornerstone of Camelot’s vibrant atmosphere. We foster a culture of mutual respect among guests and performers alike, enhancing everyone’s experience. Adhering to simple etiquette, like respecting boundaries and valuing performances, enriches the Camelot experience for all.

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Camelot Showbar champions diversity, welcoming guests from all walks of life into our inclusive space. Regular inclusivity training for our staff ensures that everyone feels valued and respected at Camelot.

Planning Your Visit

Maximize your Camelot experience with these tips:

  • Book Ahead: Guarantee your spot by booking through our Reservations Page.
  • Dress Code Considerations: Embrace self-expression while keeping our venue’s upscale ambiance in mind.
  • Responsible Enjoyment: Delight in our selection of drinks responsibly to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

Join Our Celebratory Legacy

Marking 45 years of excellence, Camelot Showbar’s anniversary celebrates our enduring legacy in D.C.’s adult entertainment. We invite you to be part of our continuing story.

Explore our Events Page to learn more about our rich history and the vibrant events on the horizon. Experience the zenith of D.C. nightlife with Camelot Showbar, where safety, respect, and exceptional entertainment meet.

1823 M Street NW,
Washington DC 20036
(202) 887-5967

Mon – Thu: 7pm– 2am
Fri: 1pm – 3am
Sat: 7pm – 3am

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